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We are often asked, “Where do you get all your stuff?”  The short answer:  Spencer.  Spencer has a passion for finding value in people and things.  He has been building this business since 2013.  He has worked on building relationships.  Through his relationships, he has been able to fill his store full of exciting pieces.  We sell everything from Pet Kennels to Strollers to Beds and Patio Furniture.  We’re constantly on the lookout for great pieces so if you have something laying around that needs a new home all you have to do is text a picture to Spencer & he’ll give you a price that he can buy it for. 208-473-9264


David has been with us almost since the beginning.  He started on in 2013 specializing in photography & making friends (some people call it sales, but we just don’t see it that way).  He is has been taking amazing pictures to feature the best angles of our offerings.  He has an awesome dry sense of humor that we just love!


Dani is our shipper.  We sell our items all across the country and someone needs to know how to build a wooden box to ship large items in.  Well, Dani found us and we’re so glad she did.  She’s a rock star and shipping and as friendly and kind as can be.  She helps out in the store making friends as well.


Cameron is our newest recruit.  He has a great sense of humor and a kind heart (plus he can lift a lot).  He is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone.  We are so grateful to have him in the store (so he can do all the heavy lifting).  🙂


Go ahead & browse – buy online or at the store, but remember; once its gone, its gone.  We price to sell quickly and they really do!  Once you have made a purchase online you can pick it up at the store within one week.  (Check out our policy page for more details.)


Emerald Furniture & Sporting Goods

5321 Emerald St, Boise, ID 83706

Open: M-F 11:30-5:30

& Saturday 10-3:30



3 thoughts on “Welcome! We hope you enjoy finding your gem!

  1. I absolutely LOVE Emerald Furniture. They have a great selection. When I need something new for my home I always go there first because they have such great deals! I always have a happy friendly face welcoming me. I will always support local before going to big corporations! Thanks Emerald Furniture!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment! 🙂

  2. I always find just what I am looking for and something that I wasn’t!!! Great prices and customer service!! Thank you Emerald Furniture!

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